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Reviews of our patients

"....After being wounded in rehabilitation, I was in a hospital in Pushcha-Vodytsa. That's where I learned about the Zagrava project.
At that time, I was treated in parallel with the hospital, still in the clinic of plastic surgery, and I will continue, since surgical intervention will still be required.

I started going to Zagrav (Averina Clinic, Kyiv - ed.) for cosmetic procedures. After appropriate injections on the face, the result is simply huge. And I am very happy that with each procedure the result is getting better.

Doctors, in parallel with their work, took on a huge amount of work. This is work with people who have suffered as a result of the war.
These are mutilated faces, limbs, burns, scars, scars, powder and small fragments. This is a huge problem, and doctors are dealing with it. And I am very grateful that we have caring people in our country, in particular doctors who joined this project in almost every city of Ukraine

Doctors in the hospital save lives. And plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, dermatologists return people to a practically full life. Body and soul are treated. And that's very important!"

Olga Osadcha, paramedic24 03 2023

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